Write a Work-from-Home Success Story for Your Employees this Fall, Part I

Write a Work-from-Home Success Story for Your Employees this Fall, Part I

Write a Work-from-Home Success Story for Your Employees this Fall, Part I

Small Hurdles of WFH and How Trinitas Can Help

Fall has arrived, which means school is back in session, summer vacation is over, and work is in full swing. Of course, this fall, things look much different than in years past. Much of the schoolwork and work-work is happening at home. Many parents must be teacher, coworker and/or boss throughout the course of the day. Top that off with the economic uncertainties of an election year, and it can be overwhelming.

However, there are small hurdles companies can be prepared for in order for employees who are working from home—and juggling it all—to be successful, and Trinitas is here to help. Having transitioned your employees to a part- or full-time work-from-home environment, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Ensure processes are as automated as possible
  • Be more efficient with smaller teams and budgets
  • Service both employees working from home and those in the office
  • Get more money out of current contracts from wireless carriers, products, and services you are currently outsourcing

“All great ideas,” you might say, “but how?” Trinitas has specialized in customized telecom services for over a decade, and in this time of living, working and juggling during the COVID-19 crisis, our solutions are as valuable and important as they’ve ever been—not to mention tried, trusted and affordable. So, for each of the above action items, let’s take a look at Trinitas’ support services:

  1. Trinitas Enterprise Anywhere program equips your employees, wherever they are. We keep your teams connected, productive and ensure your company data is safe.

  2. Centralizing your company’s devices is elemental to maintaining efficiency and budgets. Trinitas’ Managed Mobility Services (MMS) streamline, understand and administer your company’s entire device environment from a single touchpoint.
  3. When we all fled the security and high-level equipment of our headquarters to our home offices last spring, few of us were equipped to do so. Trinitas provides top-quality telecom products for the office and the home office, helping to keep your company’s operations seamless and glitch-free.
  4. We’re experts at analyzing telecom bills, invoices and expenses, which can free up a lot of valuable time—time you could be spending helping your children with distance learning or going for that much needed fresh-air walk. Trinitas Telecom Expense Management (TEM) makes paying, we can handle the tracking and consolidating of our company’s telecom bills, vendor data plans and invoices so you can focus on more important things during this challenging time.
  5. Buyback of older wireless devices – Trinitas pays you top dollar for older wireless devices. Your data remains secure with our data sanitization solutions, and your team will have complete oversight of the program. Return kits are mailed to your employees to ensure devices are acquired.

To learn more about how Trinitas telecom solutions can make your life easier and your business more productive, avoiding those small hurdles so many companies are currently facing, call us today.

Learn more about Trinitas’ services and how they can bring efficiencies and cost savings to your business.

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