Originally formed by a small group of passionate and experienced people who believed there was a better way of doing business within the telecommunications industry, the concept and vision of faith were born.

Trinitas (Latin for The Trinity), would be a disruptor in the marketplace, looking to change the game in the telecommunications industry by delivering the best in class customer service along with efficient solutions that would not only empower companies but allow them to give back to their employees by focusing on what matters most.

Today, Trinitas has served Fortune 500 companies worldwide by providing them with solutions and exceptional customer service using a grassroots approach.

Solutions Provided Through Products and Services:

Price is what originally dominated the telecommunications industry by how much a company was willing to save by going through a specific vendor or Carrier. Trinitas saw a different opportunity – something that would save companies much more than upfront costs. Instead, we decided to turn back the clock and save companies the hours they lost in payroll dollars that were once allocated doing monotonous tasks. The results were outstanding!

Companies saw an immediate improvement in their:
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Productivity/Efficiency
  • Awareness

Trinitas was able to achieve this victory by:
  • Streamlining Communication
  • Faster Delivery
  • Eliminating Backorder Issues
  • Launching Green Initiatives with Buyback Programs
  • Reducing Suppliers

The end result – businesses had a reliable partner in Trinitas that ultimately gave back hours of productivity and lowered overall costs.