It delivers as promised!

Internal IT and procurement teams are no longer spending countless hours on the asset recovery program.  Work from home employees are thrilled with it.

Jason P – Wireless Analyst – Car Manufacturer

Custom Equipment!

The online solution reduced my IT teams’ workload by countless hours. Spend management workflows that are built-in help us reduce costs. Love that we can pick only the products that work best for us.

John T – IT Controller – Large insurance company

Excellent work from home solution!

Adds to our safety guidelines for employees Great communication every step of the way

Kristin M – Manager Mobile Communications – Energy company with over 10,000 lines

Trinitas came in and analyzed our spend.

They pointed out many areas we were wasting spend and implemented processes to correct it. Now we have more monies back into our IT budget that we are using for program growth.

Our IT team is not over worked anymore with mundane tasks.

We can depend on Trinitas and their team to help us find areas for greater savings within our contracts.

Sarah W – Wireless Manager – Large Food Processing Company

Trinitas has taken the pain and guess work out of deploying our Mobile Iron solution.

I can’t tell you how much frustration this has saved our team.  Our devices are deployed fully secure with no issues.

They have helped ring in all of our random processes into a centralized environment. This has meant a ton to us as it brings uniformity into our space that was not there initially.

Jane R, Wireless Administrator – Food Distributor

Trinitas has helped us simplify the device buyback process.

With their online console, I can view and manage my entire asset recovery process.  Additionally, they have helped us unlock devices and ensure that devices are returned unlocked.  As a result, our team is not wasting countless hours unlocking devices and we are getting more money back. We used to just recycle devices that were locked. Now we getting more devices back unlocked which means more money into our IT budget.

Russell S, Telecom Administrator – Aerospace Company

Partnering with Trinitas to help with our device logistics has been a big help.

They have taken setting up and deploying devices out of our IT team’s hands.  We are no longer tasked with this and have focused our efforts on more important daily goals.

Trinitas has been great to work with and a nice addition to our team.

John D, IT Americas Senior Manager – Large Hospitality company

Committed to you.

Learn how you can save time and money with Trinitas.

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