As America Goes Back to Work, Enterprise Companies Must Support a Transformed Workforce—both in the Office and at Home

by | May 22, 2020 | Enterprise Anywhere, Telecom News

The country is slowly beginning to re-open, and as it does, enterprise-level companies are needing to consider a transformed workforce and modified workplaces. While working from home might continue for many—and a large swath of employees aren’t ready to give it up—it presents its own challenges. Additionally, many employees aren’t able to work from home, and must return to the office. The result is a complex telecom and networking challenge.

In No Jitter’s recent article, Adapting to the IT Challenges of Remote Work, author J.R. Simmons makes an important point. “Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve seen hundreds of articles giving employees guidance on how to adapt to working from home, and every company with a cloud solution is touting its tools are the proper enablers. For the prototypical knowledge worker, this is fine. However, these wonderful work-from-home tools will do nothing for the myriad of jobs that are linked to on-site support.”

The article goes on to point out, “Some workers are difficult to send home because of the systems they’re using. People whose occupations are highly regulated or require tight security can’t always work remotely. Some government, healthcare, insurance, and educational organizations, for example, use proprietary legacy software systems. The software is rarely optimized for remote workers, and often, it isn’t properly patched. Not only does this create a security concern, but it can also make working remotely unproductive and a negative experience for the employee.

Even when workers can be productive remotely, they may have requirements that don’t align with working from home. That can include using special tools such as plotters or high-volume copier/scanners, having access to paper files or records, processing checks and invoices (not everyone has switched to fully electronic), and conducting on-site inspections. In many situations, a face-to-face meeting with a team just can’t be duplicated by using video cameras.”

Given that most models suggest the work-from-home experiment isn’t going anywhere anytime soon at the same time many employees who can’t do their jobs properly from a home office will need to go back to a larger support system, it’s time for enterprise companies to start looking toward long-term telecom solutions. Enter Trinitas.
The challenge many companies will now face is providing solutions that address both the office employee and the work-from-home employee. Trinitas specializes in both cross-over solutions as well as in-office telecom security, ease, and management, including:

  • Custom online platforms to manage your entire wireless device ecosystem that can support both in-office and work-from-home employees
  • Telecom expense management that can be accessed securely from anywhere
  • Online product ordering solutions that offer built-in spend management functionality
  • Free technical support for those working from home and in an office setting
  • Device repair solutions that support both in-office and work-from-home environments
  • Shipping to both business and work-from-home employee addresses
  • Device buyback programs that support both in-office and work-from-home employees
  • Device kitting options that free up employee time, company money, and reduce the need for employees to venture into crowded store settings
  • Accessories from home
  • And more!

Our services provide time and money efficiencies, as well as take your team out of the process for most of the lifecycle. In this moment when times are changing right before us, and in-office IT support isn’t always possible, see how Trinitas can help your company bridge the gap between present and future. Give us a call today to learn more.

Learn more about Trinitas’ services and how they can bring efficiencies and cost savings to your business.

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