Avoiding Device Return Pitfalls

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Buyback, Information Technology, Phones, Recycling

According to the recent computerweekly.com article, Mobile trade-ins return more than half a billion dollars to US consumers in Q2, consumers are trading in their older wireless devices at a 152% increase in Q2 2021 compared to Q2 2020. That’s excellent news.

However, this increase has not transferred to the enterprise business space in which only about 20–25% of devices get returned. Why is that?

Here are three significant reasons:

1. People don’t understand the company’s position on the value of an older device and thus do not take the time to send it back.

2. Employees do not know there is a program in place to send back their older devices when they leave the company or are upgraded to a newer device

3. Employees are aware of a program, but the return is too confusing and cumbersome, so they don’t follow through.

While these pitfalls are common, they’re also easy to remedy. Here are some ways enterprise organizations can improve their company’s return rate:


  • Provide a device return automatically triggered through Service Now (or similar functioning ticket system) when an upgrade is scheduled.
  • Email instructions to employees explaining how to detach the device from DEP and Find My Phone / Google locks.
  • Send return kits.
  • Integrate an online platform for senior teams and administrators to monitor returns and see where there is non-adherence to the company policies. Then follow-up with these employees to send back their devices.
  • Create return labels directly from the online platform for your administers who collect multiple devices per location.
  • Offer fast payment turnaround.
  • Securely wipe all device data.

Implementing the above will help increase your company from 25% to a potential 95% return rate. These benefits are significant and boost your company’s revenue and improve data security.

To learn more about how Trinitas can help you meet these goals, let’s have a call to see where you can improve your device return process. Schedule your free assessment today.

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