Fostering Agreements That Lead To Growth

Are your company and employees making bad agreements that are hurting both?

“By ‘agreements’ I mean those subtle convictions we come to, assent to, give way to, or are raised to assume are true. It happens down deep in our souls where our real beliefs about life are formed. Something or someone whispers to us, Life is never going to turn out the way you’d hoped, or Nobody’s going to come through, or God has forsaken you. And something in us responds, That’s true. We make an agreement with it, and a conviction is formed.” – (reference John Eldredge)

Although these are on a personal level, agreements become stronger in the workplace because of failed plans and reduced victories. As a result, your team might come to some of the below agreements. Once agreements are made, they can provide an excuse. Some of these agreements could be:

“This is too hard and can’t be done.”
“I have a terrible boss.”
“This vision is terrible and won’t work.”
“I hate the processes.”
“My company doesn’t care about me.”
“I won’t succeed at this.
“I’m on my own with the company.”
“The visions will never succeed”

How do you change these mindsets and agreements? Realizing victories small and large is a start.

When plans work, visions become reality, prosperity increases, employees have higher wages, and partners who are committed to helping their clients achieve these things change mindsets and overcome these negative agreements.

Trinitas has a 10-year history of serving businesses and helping them achieve great victories. We operate within the philosophy of caring deeply for our clients, working tirelessly for their visions, and demonstrating a relentless fight for their growth.

Recently, one of our clients made an agreement that there was no post market value for their wireless devices and if there was it would be too hard to manage. So, they just sent their old devices to be recycled.

After learning this we shared an alternative possibility. We could simply set up an online dashboard to review their returned devices. We quickly provided value for their devices, pre-paid shipping labels, and helped them unlock devices so it wouldn’t be time consuming.

Once they reluctantly tried the process, they immediately saw how easy it was to work with and realized over $50,000.00 in new revenue. They have broken that bad agreement and begun identifying other areas where these bad agreements might exist within their organization, working to remedy them.

If you would like to learn more about how Trinitas can help you identify bad agreements within your company and save money in the process, give us a call today.

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