Five Ways to Make the Daily Grind More Fun

by | Feb 19, 2023 | Enterprise Anywhere, Information Technology, Telecom News, Workplace

Day-to-day life carried a certain amount of redundancy before the pandemic. Now, one year into COVID life and working from home, the daily grind can feel, well, grinding. At Trinitas, we believe in the importance of infusing fun into each workday, mixing things up and treating yourself to small breaks, schedule shake-ups, a de-clutter session or window bird watching. Here are a few of our favorite ways to fun things up!


1. Set a 20-minute Rule

It’s easy to get sucked into the desk. Hours might go by before you realize you haven’t even looked up from your screen. But movement throughout the day is a great way to increase circulation and creativity. Make a point to set a timer on your phone or computer, reminding you to get up and move, dance, walk or stretch every 20 minutes. Set up the printer in a different room, so you have to get up from your desk and walk to get documents. And make sure to get outside! Once every hour, walk to the end of the driveway, grab the mail or simply sit on the front steps and breath in some fresh air.


2. Refresh Your Surroundings 

Our workstations or spaces can quickly become stagnant. The same post-it note from last March is still sitting next to the keyboard. Those family pictures are sweet, but pretty outdated. Make a point to shake up your surroundings with new photos, fresh art, a new stack of inspiring books or Buddha board.


3. Start a Window Bird Watching Log

Sitting on a boring Zoom call? Just need to take a break from the project for a few minutes? Look outside. Start learning your local birds, and keep track of which ones you see, and when, throughout the year. This is a great one to turn into a family project. Make a bird bingo board and get everyone involved!


4. De-clutter!

Don’t limit the desk purge to once or twice a year. Make this a monthly habit—throw away those papers you’ve been piling in the corner. Toss the pen that ran out of ink years ago. A clean slate can do wonders for productivity and mood!


5. Watch a TED Talk 

TED, which stands from technology, education and design, showcases “ideas worth spreading” in short (18-minutes or less), powerful presentations by the world’s leading minds. Add one or two to your weekly routine for a fun, inspiring break from the daily grind.


While the past year has been grueling at times, it has also taught us to embrace the little things and the importance of small doses of creativity and inspiration. As we transition back to a more normal work environment, make sure to continue your favorite daily work habits—the ones that brighten things up, lift your mood and increase your productivity.

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