Is It Time to Get Rid of the IT Department? Business Is Trending that Way— Here’s Why.

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Enterprise Anywhere, Workplace

In last month’s article titled, “It’s Time to Get Rid of the IT Department,” Joe Peppard of the Wall Street Journal makes the case—and a very valid one—for dismantling IT departments and absorbing the talent into everyday business practice. Writes Peppard, “IT departments are for a bygone era and are ill-suited to the demands of a digital-first world.” He continues, “The problem isn’t with the people or the leaders. It’s with the whole idea of IT departments in the first place, which sets up IT to fail. The encouraging news is there are also a small number of pioneers who are ditching their IT departments. And their examples offer models for others looking to do the same.”

Peppard bases his argument in the fact that technology is no longer an option for businesses to succeed; it is a competitive necessity. Current structures require IT departments to forecast their needs months, and sometimes years, in advance of when they will be deployed—a stark contrast to other business units that can be nimble and reactive to changing business landscapes and consumer demands.

So, how do we get from here to a new world in which IT is integrated into every aspect of business? Peppard offers some ideas. “I have worked with several companies that are moving to get rid of their IT departments, instead making IT a part of every business unit. At these companies, the leadership team is working from a design premise to realize value from IT as opposed to one focused on managing IT. While this might seem subtle, it represents a profound shift. As one chief information officer told me, ‘In three to five years everyone will work in IT.’”

At Trinitas, we recognized this trend early on, and have been developing our Enterprise Anywhere program to meet the needs of an evolving workforce. It tackles the challenges of modern technological demands at every level, and bridges the gap between business headquarters and home offices. Here are a few of the benefits of Enterprise Anywhere:

  • Custom online platforms to manage entire wireless device ecosystems that support both in-office and work-from-home employees
  • Telecom expense management that can be accessed security from anywhere
  • Online product and ordering solutions that offer built-in spend management functionality
  • Free technical support
  • Shipping to both business and work-from-home employee addresses
  • Device buyback programs that support both in-office and work-from-home employees
  • Device kitting options that free up employee time, company money, and reduce the need for employees to venture into crowded store settings
  • Accessories from home

Concludes Peppard, “None of this will be easy. Companies have to figure out how to allocate and deploy IT resources in a new, decentralized world, when different groups’ needs can change from month to month. Organizations need IT. But they most certainly don’t need an IT department.”

Mostly, we agree with Peppard. Organizations do need IT, but not necessarily an entire IT department. However, we disagree that making this change will not be easy. Here at Trinitas, we specialize in just that—making your company’s transition to bottom-up and top-down IT integration easy and seamless

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