It’s important to weigh how we generate revenue to complement tight budgets, identifying important savings.

by | Feb 25, 2023 | Buyback, Information Technology

Trinitas has generated an average of 20% savings or more for partner companies.

Recently, we worked with a Fortune 500 company with 15,000 wireless lines that didn’t have an effective plan for recovering older devices, losing any value those devices still offered.

Trinitas created a plan to effectively recover the devices. That plan included:

  • Setting up return kits and collecting old devices
  • Unlocking, wiping all data, and recycling the devices
  • Cutting the company a check for the newly recouped revenue

Client Results:

  • Increased revenue $42,369 per year
  • Increased peace of mind knowing devices were securely wiped and tracked
  • Boosted environmental green initiatives

This savings allowed the company to hire an additional customer service rep, elevating the organization’s customer service and customer connections.

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