Maximizing the New iPhone 11 launch for Your Company with the Help of Trinitas

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Many companies struggle to find the additional time and money to coordinate a multi-faceted Apple device launch.  If you’re upgrading your organization to a new device, it means you now have a mountain of old devices to deal with. 

And then there are the concerns with data protections, visibility into your asset recovery process, and how much revenue you can get for the old devices.  Additionally, you will need to consider how many resources to designate toward the new device preparation, activation, and testing of accessories that come along with the new device.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed with transitioning to a new Apple device, let Trinitas guide the way. We offer a suite of services that help companies navigate and maximize device launches. Not only that, our offerings can help you save—and even make—money.  We guarantee 20% savings combined with more workday time to put toward a successful device launch, in this case, the new Apple iPhone 11.  In one 15-minute phone call, organizations around the country, including Fortune 500 companies, are learning the Trinitas way. Below are some of the solutions we offer that ease the transition from old iPhone to new.

David Oakes, Trinitas TelecomTo learn more about Trinitas’ suite of services, and how we can help streamline your company’s transition to the new Apple iPhone, make an appointment with David Oakes.


Device Kitting:

  • Activations – We activate your employee phones to begin use. No need to spend valuable workday minutes transitioning data and contacts.
  • Downloading apps – We can download and install your company-specific apps.
  • Operating systems – We install and update to the most recent operating system (OS) for each device.
  • Fully charging devices – We make sure that all devices are fully charged prior to employ deployment, and with the iPhone’s new all-day battery life, this means your employees won’t miss a beat searching for charging stations or outlets.
  • Installing a protective cover – We help you protect each device before handing it off to your employees.
  • Direct shipping – We can help ensure minimal downtime by shipping to your team or end user directly so employees can get straight to work.

Buy Back:

We make old device buyback seamless. No need to worry about lost data, and our payouts are higher than other carriers. Advantages of our buyback program include:

  • You control how the money you make from the buyback program is used—either deposited directly to you, or applied to future Trinitas services.
  • We help unlock the devices.
  • You enjoy simple online engagement with Trinitas, making it easy to monitor the process, download reporting and connect with customer service.
  • We provide pre-paid shipping labels and packaging, saving you a trip to the shipping department or post office.


Save the time, money and effort of sourcing the most cost-effective iPhone accessories. We offer a wide selection and same-day order turnaround for fast, nationwide delivery. Other advantages include:

  • Ordering through Trinitas minimizes costly backorders.
  • We offer an excellent selection of name brand products for all major carrier devices.
  • We create custom-built enterprise catalogs that reflect your specific needs.
  • We provide Airba, SAP and Oracle catalog compatibility.
  • Any order we receive typically ships the same day from our Austin, Texas-based warehouse, meaning you receive your products within one to three business days.
  • We pride ourselves on paramount customer service. Your requests are handled by a live person (based in Austin, TX) who can typically address your needs the first time you call. If we aren’t able to solve the issue immediately, we guarantee a same-day resolution.
David Oakes, Trinitas TelecomTo learn more about Trinitas’ suite of services, and how we can help streamline your company’s transition to the new Apple iPhone, make an appointment with David Oakes.

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