Trinitas: Your Premier Device Recycle and Buyback Program

As technology advances, your indispensable phones, tablets, and other devices become obsolete at some point, leaving you with a common question of the modern age: What can I do with my old devices? That’s where we come in. Trinitas® is here to help, by recycling or buying them back.

What is the benefit of the Trinitas® Device Recycle and Buyback Program?

Well, there are quite a few:

generate revenueGenerate Revenue
Our buyback program generates new revenue streams for your business.
Keep it SimpleKeep It Simple
Our custom program involves simple online engagement. We work with you to find the best overall process for your organization.
asset managementAsset Management
Trinitas provides better visibility into your assets through its online platform. The platform clearly shows where your devices are in the buyback/recycle process. This ensures you are actively capturing every old device in your mobility program, and maximizing revenue.
stay secureStay Secure
We provide data security with the highest industry standards in device wiping and deletion procedures.
go greenGo Green
We help companies achieve their green initiatives by reducing harmful technological waste.


The Trinitas Difference

We work within your company’s comfort zone, providing maximum flexibility and customization to ensure your satisfaction. The result is a stress-free application. 

Better Order Fulfillment Communication and Transparency
Trinitas offers step-by-step communications about the recycling and buyback program process, keeping you in the loop the entire time.

Custom Quoting and Monitoring System
We can create customized solutions for quote generation, communication, and device monitoring.

Higher Overall Buyback Prices and the Flexibility of Two Programs


Trinitas offers two programs:

A graded condition program

  • Often provides the highest buyback pricing.
  • Most phones are returned in Grade B condition, which offers an excellent price.
  • We review your devices, and then let you know the condition of each, and how much you can expect to receive for your buyback.
A one-price-offering for graded A, B, and C devices

  • We provide monthly price sheets that inform you of buyback offerings.
  • Dependable prices for your A, B, and C graded devices.
  • Revenue can average higher than option one.
  • There is no waiting to learn what your grade or pricing will be—we let you know immediately.

Regardless of which program you choose, both result in:

  • Overall higher buyback price points
  • Simple asset recovery
  • Increased visibility
  • Excellent customer service
  • Greater peace of mind

Greater Success

Contributing to your company’s success is our ultimate goal. A Trinitas partnership is one hallmarked by top-notch customer care, higher overall buyback payments, seamless engagement, simple device recovery and asset monitoring, transparency, and fast payment processing.

successLet’s get started unloading those old devices—it’s a win-win-win situation! Contact David Oakes by calling 512-949-3680, ext. 101, emailing, or completing the following form on this page.

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