Preparing to Fall Back to Work

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Enterprise Anywhere, Telecom News, Workplace

The predictions are in, and most companies—70% according to Forbes—are planning to re-introduce their employees to their offices in some capacity this fall. Although this will be a monumental step to returning to normal in our culture, it will present some challenges.

Forbes has identified the following potential challenges:

  • Employees will have to deal with the cultural re-onboarding of staff.
  • Employee commuting fears.
  • Employees losing the comfort of their home-work environments.

Your company may be working through these obstacles with your employees. Wouldn’t it be great to have additional resources and processes in place to make these transitions go more smoothly? Trinitas can work with you in creating simplified and automated systems to manage and deploy your wireless programs.

We can help you with:

  • Reducing equipment costs.
  • In-office and work-from-home solutions. (Both scenarios can require different approaches.)
  • Management of the telecommunications expenses that simplify the entire vendor/billing process as well as return significant monies back into your bottom line.
  • An online platform, that can be accessed from anywhere, to run your entire wireless/telecommunications program. Executive-level, all the way down to low-level employees will have rules and access to manage their needs
  • Deployment of devices
  • Asset management and buyback of older units
  • Accessory support
  • Device repair

Implementing some, or all, of the above will save a tremendous amount or resources, automate processes, and bring greater joy to your employees as they make the transition back into the office.


Service with savings. Call Trinitas and start a smooth transition.

If you would like to learn more about how Trinitas can contribute to your company’s productivity and bottom line—and let your employees focus more of their time on life adventures and time with family instead of telecom headaches and billing—chat with Trinitas owner and founder, David Oakes, today!

Sign up for a FREE assessment below or chat with David by calling + (512) 949-3680)


Simplification isn’t simple, but it’s our specialty.

Contact us now and we’ll prove it.

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