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Find a New Home for Old Devices—and Save Money

Our device buyback program offers top dollar for your used devices, and our leading-edge software securely erases your mobile device’s internal and external memory. After that, you can monitor what’s happening to your old devices with activity updates through our simple mobile device recovery program. Transparent, easy, and eco-friendly, letting us take those old devices off your hands is a win-win for everyone.

Benefits include:

  • Your data remains secure—all of our data sanitization processes adhere to the government-recommended Guidelines.
  • We pay you for your old devices, creating a new revenue stream.
  • Your team will have complete oversight of the program via online portal
  • Return kits mailed to your employees to ensure devices are acquired.
  • Integration with ticketing solutions such as Service Now to automate return processes
  • Fast payout
  • Assistance in unlocking devices so your team doesn’t have to do it

Let Trinitas Buy Your Used Devices

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Trinitas has helped us simplify the device buyback process.

With their online console, I can view and manage my entire asset recovery process.  Additionally, they have helped us unlock devices and ensure that devices are returned unlocked.  As a result, our team is not wasting countless hours unlocking devices and we are getting more money back. We used to just recycle devices that were locked. Now we getting more devices back unlocked which means more money into our IT budget.

Russell S, Telecom Administrator – Aerospace Company

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