Device Kitting


Comprehensive Device Readiness that Frees Up Time, Money, and Talent

Think about the last time you needed to get your new mobile device up and running, from activating it, to installing the protective cover, and even charging to full capacity. It takes time, but this kind of time isn’t necessarily the best allocation of your IT department’s drive and talent. Let Trinitas handle this device kitting for you, freeing your mobility, telecom, and IT employees to focus their skill on larger company goals and innovations.

Your device kitting program can include:

  • Activations
  • Downloading and installing apps
  • Ensuring the latest operating system is functioning
  • Fully charging devices
  • Installing a protective cover
  • Shipping to your team or end-user directly

Learn More about How Trinitas’ Device Kitting Program Saves Time and Money

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Partnering with Trinitas to help with our device logistics has been a big help.

They have taken setting up and deploying devices out of our IT team’s hands.  We are no longer tasked with this and have focused our efforts on more important daily goals.

Trinitas has been great to work with and a nice addition to our team.

John D, IT Americas Senior Manager – Large Hospitality company

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