Your company’s Mobility, Telecom, and IT employees are highly skilled and talented. However, many are tasked with kitting your devices. Kitting can include: activations, downloading apps, making sure the latest OS is functioning, charging, installing a protective cover, and shipping the device to your employee.

So what if you could redirect these highly talented individuals to tasks that will help your company soar to greater heights?

Trinitas can help your company achieve greater success by performing the device kitting for you. This allows your highly skilled Mobility, IT and Telecom employees to put their talents to greater use.

Trinitas will consult with you to learn the exact device kitting process you want.

Kitting programs could include:

  • Activations
  • Downloading apps
  • Ensuring the latest OS is functioning
  • Fully charging devices
  • Installing a protective cover
  • Shipping to your team or end user directly

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