Meet Eco-forward Initiatives with Device Recycling

Disposing of mobile devices can pose a danger to the environment, and your company’s data, if not done properly. At Trinitas, we can recycle out-dated or broken devices in a way that protects data, and meets your organization’s sustainability initiatives. The best part? Device recycling can also generate an additional source of revenue.

Benefits include:

  • Your data remains secure—all of our data sanitization processes adhere to the government-recommended guidelines.
  • We pay you for your old devices, creating a new revenue stream.
  • Your team will have complete oversight of the program via online portal
  • Return kits mailed to your employees to ensure devices are acquired.
  • Integration with ticketing solutions such as Service Now to automate return processes

Find Out Why Fortune 500 Companies Trust Trinitas to Recycle Old Devices

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