Managed mobility


A Centralized Hub for Your Company’s Devices

Streamline, understand, and administer your company’s entire device environment from a single touchpoint. Our comprehensive Managed Mobility Services (MMS) product allows you to simplify and automate your organization, saving your IT department countless workday hours. From a personalized console to device and workflow management, analytics and our signature service in the form of a designated virtual help desk, this customized and adaptable offering seamlessly scales to your company’s needs.

Benefits include:

  • Centralized and Automated Hub for all Global Operations
  • Centralized and Automated Hub for all Global Operations
  • Device and Workflow Management
  • Comprehensive Usage and Data Analytics
  • Expert Help Desk
  • Inventory Management
  • Device Logistics
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Trinitas offers a complete approach for acquiring and integrating MMS into your company’s existing infrastructure. Our mobility management platform enables you to centralize, understand, and administer your company’s entire device environment, simply.

  • Centralized/Automated Hub
    for all Global Operations — This simplified hub allows companies to automate and centralize
    the mobility experience saving countless workday hours.
  • Device Management — Companies will have visibility and mastery of their devices allowing for effective device management. Management includes inventory control, data/plan usage, employee engagement as well
    as administrator functionalities, zero line detection, BYOD programs, and more.
  • Workflow Management — This is your opportunity to manage the workflow of your business
    from a centralized interface.
    This flexible solution will allow
    you to implement your mobility policies and regulations to end users and administrators.
  • Enterprise Management — Create a unique and comprehensive understanding of all mobile expenses. Integrate Carrier data from a centralized location. Harmonize expenses and invoicing. Have more
    impact with your dollars spent.
  • Enterprise Managed Mobility (EMM) — Simple EMM interfaces with the platform allow companies to review and supervise employee patterns and practice from
    a centralized interface.
  • Program Management — Produce more positive results with your global mobility plan of action. Easily transition when strategies change while offering the pliability to monitor numerous programs.
  • Single Point of Interface (Console) — Freedom to access your entire mobility environment from one interface. Give employees the freedom and power to have a customized experience to meet individual company mandates.
  • Integrations —  Integrate all device operations and information. Significantly improve performance, and advance mobility governance/administration through integrations.
  • Inventory Management — Gain visibility into current asset management with the flexibility to make on-the-spot adjustments.
  • Analytics — Bring to light successes and challenges to overcome. Take advantage of the real time with comprehensive reports to make informed decisions that positively impact your mobility program faster.
  • Device Logistics — Simplify your mobility procurement and asset management. Our local logistics engineers coordinate global distribution, asset management and configure tailor made programs to make devices active and working
    upon arrival to employees.
  • Help Desk — Experience top-notch, multi-tier support that resolves over 90% of all inquiries on the first interaction. Proprietary training and oversight techniques allow us to engineer successful support as your program needs change.

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Trinitas has taken the pain and guess work out of deploying our Mobile Iron solution.

I can’t tell you how much frustration this has saved our team.  Our devices are deployed fully secure with no issues.

They have helped ring in all of our random processes into a centralized environment. This has meant a ton to us as it brings uniformity into our space that was not there initially.

Jane R, Wireless Administrator – Food Distributor

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