Companies Go Back to Work. Now What?!

Companies Go Back to Work. Now What?!

Companies Go Back to Work. Now What?!

The coronavirus has permanently changed how and from where we work. Enterprise-level companies had to adapt, and adapt quickly. The result is a new normal for many employees—working from home, working modified hours, or, for those who can’t take work home with them, working in bare-bones office settings.

As we begin to return to more of a routine, many organizations are faced with new challenges. Some companies are still operating with an entirely at-home work force. Others are welcoming teams back, but with a new set of rules and safety standards. And then there are hybrid models, with some working from home while others work on-site. Staggered workdays. Half days in the office. Reminders to stay six feet apart at all times.

It is now very clear that one size does not fit all. Your organization is unique in how it operates within this new landscape. Providing your employees with the tools to get things done effectively—and often without being in the same building, or even the same state—is paramount to success.

At Trinitas, we’re equipped to address each enterprise-level company’s unique set of circumstances. We work with you to address the challenges that come with “going back to work” in the face of COVID-19. Each approach is customized, and all of our products and services aim to save time, money, and increase workplace data security and employee safety by reducing exposure to shipping and distribution channels.

Some of our services include:

  • Equipment: We provide top-brand telecom and wireless equipment and deliver it directly to your employees’ doorsteps.
  • Device Recycling and Buyback Programs: As technology advances, we save time and money, and contribute to your organization’s sustainable efforts, with our buyback and recycling programs.
  • Software Customization and Integration: Our ordering platform integrates seamlessly with your current system.
  • Custom Billing Solutions: Let us batch invoices and provide them in a single billing solution.
  • Device Repair and Care: No need to send your employees to the nearest device repair store or drop their equipment in the mail. We can do that for you, without anyone ever having to leave the house.
  • Device Kitting Program: We can activate the latest OS, install apps and fit your devices with protective covers allowing your IT team to focus on the bigger picture.
  • Telecom Expense Management (TEM): Let us handle your telecom expense management responsibilities, including supplier relationships and bills. We even provide a dedicated support desk for your team.
  • Managed Mobility Services (MMS): Enjoy greater visibility and control of your entire wireless and telecom division with uniformity in carrier contracts, voice/data usage, device management, upgrades, and more.

Now is the time to prepare for the future. A future in which seamless telecom capabilities allow your at-home and in-office workforce lead in productivity, creativity and workplace happiness. Give us a call today to learn more.

Learn more about Trinitas’ services and how they can bring efficiencies and cost savings to your business.

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