Samsung Device Launch Details

Samsung Device Launch Details

Samsung Device Launch Details

Samsung Device Launch Details

Samsung is ready to launch their new devices in the coming weeks and boy have the rumors started swirling! According to CNet’s most recent article about different Samsung devices and their features, Samsung seems to have its finger on the pulse of what consumers are wanting from their smart phones.

That list includes:

  • A cost-effective price-point (ka-ching!)
  • An excellent camera (ka-lick!)
  • A vibrant and fast screen (Ooh! Ahh!)
  • Longer battery life (yaaaaaay!)
  • 5G Data Speeds (zoom!)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, which is more powerful and streamlined than the first generation of 5G chipsets (Yeah, that’s right. It’s got a Snapdragon under the hood.)

Samsung will call their devices S20 rather than S11. The reason has yet to be fully revealed. (We suspect the S20s are so awesome Samsung just decided to skip the S12–S19.)

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