The IT Pro’s 2020 Guide to a More Efficient and Effective Year

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Coming out of a grinding 2019 and the holiday haze, many IT/Telecom teams are starting to wake up to the new year and, despite the onslaught of self-help guides, apps, and gurus, it can still be a daunting task. Even with the clean slate of 2020 ahead, IT/Telecom employees might fear another year being overworked and undervalued in your company’s IT/Telecom space.

Trinitas can help you—and not just in an empty-promise, flat-abs-by-next-week sort of way. We mean really help you. Savings with more service is our core belief, which means we’re here to take over the tedious processes involved with your wireless program.  These processes eat up a large portion of your budget, valuable time, and expensive employee talent so that you can focus on taking your company’s IT innovations to the next level.

So, what kind of game-changing help are we talking about? Here are some ideas on how Trinitas can step in to help balance your workload with the kind of work you actually enjoy:

Device Recycling and Buyback Programs. As technology advances, you’re often the one stuck dealing with upgrades and recycling. Let us take over. We can handle device recycling and buyback as old devices become obsolete. Some of the services you will receive are: fast payouts, complete visibility into the entire buyback program through an online interface, device lock removal assistance, and customer service that is second to none.

Accessories. Our equipment and accessories programs are tailor-made for your evolving organization, and we proudly offer ongoing support to get your team members through those inevitable rough patches. Take advantage of our custom product bundles, custom-built enterprise catalogs, same-day order turnaround, excellent customer service, diverse payment options, and comprehensive reporting to provide valuable insight into your corporate purchasing trends and expenses.

Software Customization and Integration. We can customize an ordering platform that integrates seamlessly with your current system to simplify the ordering process, and even remove high-level IT talent from it entirely, freeing you to focus on leadership, management and strategy.

Device Repair and Care. We know; it’s your least favorite thing. Employees can be tough on their devices, and warranty processes can eat up huge chunks of time. That’s where we come in—we can handle your company’s device repair and care program. You only pay for what you use compared to warranty programs that force you to cover every device weather you use the warranty or not.  This is potentially a waster of big chunks of spend for your business.

Device Staging and Kitting Programs. We can activate wireless devices with the latest OS, app installs, protective covers, and more, and then ship them completely ready to your employees.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM). You focus on the big picture; we’ll manage the minutia from here with customized TEM. Transfer all of your telecom expense management responsibilities to Trinitas, including telecom supplier relationships, supplier bills, and support. It will save your company money, and free up valuable resources.

Managed Mobility Services (MMS). Enjoy greater visibility and control of your entire wireless/telecom division. Our regional locations across the US and abroad help ensure uniformity with your carrier contracts, voice and data usage, device management, upgrades, new activations, and spend management. Call it a win-win-win-win-win-win.

As 2020 kicks off, make it your most productive and cost-efficient year yet. Trinitas is here to help IT professionals focus on the important work that makes companies secure, successful, and profitable. Call us today to learn more about customized programs that will have you skipping down the halls of your IT department—and out of the 2019 overworked haze—in the new year.


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