This Spring: A New Beginning

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With uncertainty seeming to have engulfed the workplace, it’s easy to disengage, lose motivation and retreat into the vortex of the most recent news cycle.
However, there might be another way to look at—and embrace—the current societal shakeup, putting a positive spin on, and seeking out new opportunities in, uncertain times.

At Trinitas, we’ve come up with a few ways of looking at this time that might translate to your workplace.

1. Embrace the change in routine. 

While such significant changes to daily life can be disruptive, they can also create opportunities to appreciate what we do have. Sure, working from home comes with the inevitable distractions, virtual meeting glitches, and possible late-night hours. But it also gives us more time to spend with our family and focus on our personal health. It also opens the door to more community-minded actions in which we get to think globally but act locally.

  • If you have kids, consider starting the day with a silly face painting session or indoor tumbling to lighten the mood and set a bright tone.
  • If your local food bank is running low, swing a bag of canned goods by, making sure to maintain safe social distancing and respect local and regional recommendations when you do.
  • If your favorite restaurant is feeling the strain, purchase an online gift certificate that you can use later.

2. Appreciate employment. 

Our jobs are such a large chunk of our lives, it can be easy to take them for granted. But for those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to work remotely and maintain our current positions and company connections, now seems like a great time to take a moment and be grateful for our ability to work. And who knows; that commute, cubicle, or water cooler talk might take on a new meaning in your life when it is time to go back to your traditional workplace setting.

3. Let your co-workers and/or employees know you care.

As we all begin to navigate the new normal of the coming weeks and months, it’s important to prop each other up as often as we can. Now is an excellent time for virtual high fives, employee encouragement, and support and creative ideas for maintaining engagement, inspiration and productivity. Virtual crowdsourcing can present new ways and opportunities for co-workers and employees to shine. We found this article from the folks at Forbes particularly insightful, and appropriate for boosting office attitudes and morale.

When it is time to return to the workplace, the challenges we face now can become opportunities to do so with a fresh, new perspective in which you can become the change you wish to see in your organization. If you’re interested in streamlining operations, injecting new excitement into your team, and increasing your mobile and telecommuting capabilities, we would love to consult you.

From all of us here at Trinitas, stay safe, stay healthy, and happy Spring.

Read the Forbes Article

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