’Tis the Seasons to Save with These Budgeting Tips

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It’s that time of year again: budget season. As the calendar year gets ready to renew, so do many company and department budgets. If you’re looking for ways to save on your organization’s wireless device program, Trinitas has some ideas to help get you there in 2020.

Accessory Bundles

Trinitas recently partnered with a Fortune 100 company with 100,000—yes, 100,000!—wireless lines to find ways to save. The company was paying $65.00 per accessory bundle (case, charger and headset) with another supplier. We reduced this by $13.00 per bundle.

The result? $1.3M in annual savings! And this is not an anomaly. We typically save customers 20% or more on their wireless device expenses.

Buy Back

Old devices don’t just create actual waste, they can waste an organization’s time and money as well — something Trinitas helped a Fortune 500 company partner recently discover. This company had 15,000 wireless lines, but no effective plan for recovering their older devices, so we created one.

Our Plan:

  • Set up return kits and collected old devices.
  • Helped client unlock, wiped all data from, and recycled those devices.
  • Created an online platform for the client to manage the entire asset recovery program
  • Sent the company a check for the newly recouped revenue.

This resulted in an annual revenue increase of $35,679, not to mention the peace of mind knowing where these devices, many of which had accessed sensitive company material, were securely wiped and tracked. It also contributed to the company’s green initiatives by reducing harmful technological waste.

The additional revenue allowed the company to hire a new customer service representative to increase service levels to clients and alleviate overworked department staff.

Device Repairs

If Trinitas could add an additional $1M+ in annual revenue, would you want us to? We recently partnered with a healthcare company using more than 10,000 wireless lines. This company was paying $124 per device for a name brand warranty program. Our analysts found that they were wasting that money on over 80% of those devices!

Trinitas implemented a device repair program to be used on an as-needed only basis, saving the organization $992,000 annually. These savings allowed the company to grow and manage its tablet program and contributed to a happier IT department.

Device Staging and Kitting

Are you maximizing the time and talent of your IT department? Trinitas recently partnered with a Fortune 500 company with 12,000 wireless lines. Their IT employees were spending most of their days activating, deploying and staging their wireless devices, instead of growing the business.

We suggested outsourcing the staging and kitting of the company’s wireless devices to a cost-effective and reliable company. The potential cost savings provided a very valid reason to give it a try.

The outsourcing allowed the IT employees to spend their time focusing on important company goals and strategic growth. Once management saw the shift in job satisfaction and cost savings, they welcomed the solution.

We provided the following services:

  • Activation of devices
  • Downloading and activation of all company apps
  • Fully charging the devices
  • Installing a protective cover
  • Shipping of devices directly to the employees, ready to go right out of the box

Serious cost savings positively affect a variety of company facets, from employee satisfaction, to talent retention, and your bottom line. Schedule a 15-minute call to learn more about how you can maximize cost savings and take your IT budget father in 2020.


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