Top Five Technology Trends for 2020

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As 2019 wraps up, it’s time to look to 2020, and experts are weighing in on what they feel will drive technology markets in the year to come. Gartner’s recent article, Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020, lays out a series of noteworthy things to watch for as the new decade nears, but it also makes a broader point that, “The trends are structured around the idea of ‘people-centric smart spaces,’ which means considering how these technologies will affect people (i.e., customers, employees) and the places that they live in (i.e., home, office, car…).”

Why Organizations are Backwards When it Comes to Building a Technology Stack

According to the article, many businesses first build a technology stack and then explore the potential applications—a concept that is completely backwards as it does not explore the business and human context first. This idea doesn’t take into consideration where the organization’s employees and customers are during their workdays—corporate office, car, home office etc.

At Trinitas, we agree. Thinking about these trends within the context of human capital, location, and end-use or goal is key. When thinking about the business and human context first, IT leaders can analyze and decide which combination of these 2020 trends will drive the most innovation and strategy.

Of the 10 trends listed in the article, we believe the below five are the most impactful:

  • Hyperautomation: As industries around the globe close doors, favoring automated technologies over human capital, this concept has seen a tremendous amount of attention.
  • Democratization: On a more positive note, democratization is the idea of providing people with easy access to professional expertise and training. Think online learning or healthcare consultations from afar.
  • Human Augmentation: Not as scary as it sounds, human augmentation in technology can increase safety in the workplace, contribute to human productivity and advance medical breakthroughs.
  • Transparency and traceability: This trend—or better yet, necessity—is addressing the many trust issues that come with the ever-expanding technology landscape.
  • Autonomous things: While it sounds like the name of a new Netflix series, autonomous things are a very real factor. They include drones, robots, ships and appliances that perform tasks usually taken on by humans. Learning more about their capabilities and limitations will become increasingly important in the years to come.

Trinitas can help you achieve success and allow you gain organizational strength in these areas. Call us today to learn more about how you can maximize technology’s next wave.


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