Why Do IT Modernization Efforts Often Fail? Here are Three Common Reasons.

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Enterprise Anywhere, Information Technology

In a recent article for ciodive.com, CTO and ICF Kyle Tuberson examines why so many IT modernizations are unsuccessful. Many agencies and enterprises have ambitious goals for modernizing information systems and processes. Leaders are seeking agile platforms to create needed applications and improve end user experiences. CIOs understand implementing advanced technology and processes can optimize their respective business. However, these decision-makers can be poorly prepared for the roadblocks that can occur.

Decision-makers need to fully understand the inhibitors of digital transformation, how to mitigate them, and how to plan correctly. Below are three common mistakes you must avoid to be successful.

1. Not holistically assessing your organization

Unfortunately, many CIOs take a tech modernization plunge without fully understanding their holistic ecosystem. Leaders need to assess the current strengths and weaknesses, workflows, automations, and employee support before deciding on implementation.

2. Not aligning the proper strategy 

Mission leaders must analyze in great detail the desired outcomes at the beginning of the undertaking and work backwards to determine the best paths. Just like taking a road trip or developing a business plan, it’s imperative to put a strategy in place before departing. You need a destination and step by step implementation to assure you successfully reach your destination. Technological modernization is no different. SaaS, equipment purchasing, automation, etc. require strong critical thinking to ensure ROI.

3. Routine maintenance

Post modernization/implementation routine maintenance of the solution is required. This means constant reviews of the workflows, vendor support, cost savings, personnel support, communication, and more. Modernization should not be thought of as a “one and done” solution.

When it comes to companies’ wireless ecosystems, creating strategy, successful workflow implementation, simplified equipment purchases, automation, asset management, and areas to save cost are extremely important.

Most businesses should consider strategic vendor alliances who understand your business and the outcomes you are trying to achieve so they can work with you to get there.

Companies experience significant savings when they have:

  • Successfully implemented technology modernization
  • New automation that works perfectly and saves employee tasks
  • Processes that align with your business goals
  • Workflows that guarantee success
  • Lower cost equipment purchases
  • improved personnel support

Whether you already have some wireless device modernization plans in place or you don’t yet have a concrete plan, Trinitas can help you create and better implement your short- and long-term strategies.

We offer solutions that address all the above and our Enterprise Anywhere product suite can manage your wireless program from anywhere in the world.

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